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We know you spent more time on research, and appreciate the good deal you gave us! Thanks so much!

-Ren & JJ

Thanks Janet. I'll let you know how furniture and vintage lace sells at auction.

-Neil (August, 2016)

Thank you for the appraisal and all of the extra hard work that you put into it!

-Gordon O.

Dear Janet-

Thanks for all of the work you put into appraising the various items in my Aunts condo.

-Best, Karen

Thank you Janet, it was a pleasure working with you.


Thanks for all the effort you put into this.

-Jim D.

Thank you for the appraisal, our insurance agent is going to pass your name around. -Joel

Dear Janet,

Thank you for all your help. We appreciate your hard work. It was great to get to know our "family member."

-George and Marilyn (July, 2016)

Thanks for your report-take care.


Thank you for the very thorough report. It was a pleasure doing business with you!

-John & Kathy K.

Thank you for your appraisal and patience.

-Jim L.

Thank you so much for working so hard and enthusiastically to find the information on the accordian. I really appreciate your help.

-Mohra G.

Thank you for your time!Steve and Dina

We appreciate your professional service. You did a great job for us and we will refer others to you if the opportunity arises. We were pleasantly surprised by the value of some of the items you appraised. Your patience with us and understanding meant a lot to us... We're glad we met you. Thank you.

-Merle and Linda W.

Janet- Thank you for all your help!


I'm impressed with your thoroughness... Thank you for the research on the pitcher and plate. I will certainly keep your business card and call you again if I need additional appraisals. I most certainly will recommend your services to anyone that is looking for a personal property appraiser.

-Mary Ellen Z.

Thanks Janet for all your help. You're the best!

-Scott H

Thanks for all your help!


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