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Offering Professional, Certified Services

At Attic to Appraisals, I provide holistic appraisal services in a number of different fields. From Gem Identification to Litigation Support — I offer my clients accurate appraisals for all of their assets, and at prices that can’t be beaten!

As your local appraisal professional, I believe that customer satisfaction begins and ends with transparency and precision. I am here to guide you on every step of the valuation process. 

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Janet V. Madrigal

I am so excited to be one of the 2015 Foundation for Appraisal Education’s Scholarship recipients. My background includes a B.A. and M.B.A.; and in 2014 while sending my youngest to college and following his college football schedule, I decided to pursue going back to school by taking ISA’s CORE, ARC, and USPAP.

In 2015, I kick started my business, Attic to Appraisals, in the Chicago south suburbs.

I am currently on the Bauhaus Chicago Foundation Appraisal team. This has led me to enhance my art background by taking ISA’s Fine Art curriculum this Fall 2015.

Again, a heartfelt thanks to the Foundation for Appraisal Education organization for helping me to continue my appraisal studies.

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